Dana Wilde at present works in the newsroom of the Bangor Daily News and is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maine at Augusta. Most important to us he is a journalist  is an amateur naturalist who happily observes the land around him in Troy and shares it with us. Thank you Dana.

He lives in Troy, Maine, with his wife Bonnie Woellner, a great English teacher. His son Jack plays drums and guitar and used to write startling poetry, some of which appeared in Xavier Review of New Orleans and the Bangor Daily News; he lives in Gardiner now.

You can contact Dana Wilde at dwilde@dwildepress.net.

To see some of what’s already leaked from Back Troy into general availability, check out The Other End of the Driveway: An Amateur Naturalist’s Observations in the Maine Woods  at Booklocker.com    .