Local Plumbing Inspector: (Appointed 1 year term)
Randy Hall

Fire Chief:  (Appointed 1 year term)
David Ramee

Sexton: (Appointed 1 year term)
Ronald Cropley

Trustees of the Forest Area: (Appointed, 3 year term)
Steven Piper
Daryl Bell
Brett Irving

Planning Board: (Appointed)
    Planning Board:
Paul Moody, Chair
Peg Byrne, Co- Chair
Sharon Moody, Secretary
Matthew Young, Member
Dianna Drake, Member
Jim Bell, Alternative
Fran Powell, Alternative
Meet 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7 pm at the Town Office unless otherwise posted.

Budget Committee: (Appointed 1 year term)
David Fletcher
Joyce Benson
Peter Gray
Nancy Clifford
Malika Baggins

B.B. Cook Clubhouse Committee: (Appointed 3 year term)
Bessie Luce, Chair
Janet Cropley, Secretary/Treasurer
Daryl Bell
Peter Gray
Ronald Cropley, Vice Chair
Barbara Piper, Alternate
Cindy Hubbard

Parks and Recreation Committee: (Appointed 3 year term)
Rae Jean Miville
Angela Wren

Regional Solid Waste Representatives:
      Rick Montana

911 Addressing Officer: (Appointed)