The Town Office serves several purposes.   It is where you go to register vehicles, vote, buy hunting and fishing licenses, register boats, ATVs and snowmobiles, pay taxes, register dogs, get a marriage license,  and buy trash stickers.

The office telephone number is 207-948-2283.  Please call first if you aren’t sure.  If you are calling after hours, you may leave a message and someone will get back to you during regular hours. Please send faxes to 207-948-5456.  Mailing address is: 129 Rogers Road. 

You may also email the Town Clerk/Treasurer, Tax Collector/Motor Vehicle Agent, Aimee Nelson at townoftroy@uninets.net.

19 thoughts on “Town Office

  1. HELLO,
    I want to say it was by chance I stumbled on this web site. I had no clue,that there was one for this town. I have studied web design and this is very professional indeed. The reason I was looking for Troy email address. I wanted to say you can send the tax e-bill by email. Those stamps add up and if everyone did it could help your budget. I also had no clue as to what is going on at town hall and voting and bulky waste etc. So now I have you on my desktop. Feel free to inform me,as the spring moves forward,the brain begins to function again hopefully………………..
    Their a lot of info and I’m really pleased to see a small town up to speed.

    • Sorry to be so incredibly slow answering. Thank you. I work full time and never seem to get to this. I do not work for the town office. You might ask Jan CropleSandyy about any history on your place. Where is 154? Sandy

  2. I have ties to the Prentiss family who lived in Troy in the late 1800s/early 1900s. In going through family papers I’ve come across some wedding and birth announcements that may be tied to current Troy families. Here’s what I have.
    Wedding announcement – Eben Vose to Minnie Hillman, Troy 1901
    Invitation to 26th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Wingate, North Carmel 1897
    Birth announcement Archie Fred Knapp Jr 1917
    Birth announcement Richard Dodge Jr 1918
    Invitation to sixth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Webb, Troy 1897
    Wedding announcement Rev. Willis Luce, Unity 1902
    Invitation to 10th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Knight 1893 East Troy
    Wedding announcement Ethel Emma Pierce to Fred Herbert Bagley 1900 Troy

    Please contact me at ross.christines@yahoo.com if you are related to any of these people.
    Thank you

  3. We would like to thank the fire dept for helping us get rid of a Hugh pile of bush. They were wonderful. We are very blessed to have a team of volunteers like none other. We need to support them more! Great job Dan and the crew! Dale & Liana Walker

  4. As you may know I’m retired from the Troy Fire Department (December 2013). We got several calls November 2, 2014 during the winter storm and often we receive calls for burn permits.
    A caller explained that to me today the page belongs to the Town of Troy.Here I am and there’s our phone number still listed under Fire Chief & Warden. I am asking that you contact the current Fire Chief or the Town Office to update this information. Sincerely, Larry

      • Here’s my question for the Town Office and burn permits, Can’t we go to the State of Maine gov site and get our permit from there? I plan on burning a pile of brush when the snow is deep, and I don’t believe I need to contact the town office to do this, I can do it from the State of Maine site, can’t I?

        On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 12:39 PM, Troy Maine Local News wrote:

        > watershed narratives commented: “Sorry Larry. I will get the right > info. Sandy”

  5. how do we get code enforcement to do their job, like protecting our homes from depreciation due to junk yards and trash that depreciates all neighbors in the area.I have asked many times for for code enforecment officer to do this, by way of the town clerks. fines should be imposed on the violaters who laugh and ignore the law. the town should be reposible if yhey dont do their job and accept pay.


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