Selectmen, Assessors, Overseers of Poor: (Elected, 3 year terms, staggered)

Brian W. Piper, Chair (Term expires
Richard P. Montana, General Assistance Administrator, (Term expires 2017
Thomas Byron (Term expires )

Meet first and third Mondays at 7 pm at Town Office unless otherwise posted

Town Clerk and Registrar of Voters:(Appointed)

Aimee Nelson

Excise Collector and Property Tax Collector: (Elected, 3 year term; to be appointed at end of term)

Aimee Nelson

Treasurer: (Elected, 3 year term; to be appointed at the end of this term) and Secretary to the Selectmen

Aimee Nelson

Deputy Town Clerk, Treasurer, Tax and Excise Collector: Appointed)

Sharon Spaulding

Election Workers: (Appointed, 2 year terms)

Sharon Spaulding             Sandy Olson
Nancy Clifford                     Greg Rossel
Paul Moody                         Crystal Nichols

MSAD#3 Director: (Elected, 3 year term)
Rachel Katz (Term expires 2013)

Road Commissioner: (Appointed, 3 year term)
Ralph Sullivan

Animal Control Officer:  (Appointed 1 year term)
Crystal Nichols

Code Enforcement Officer: (Appointed 1 year term)
Charles Porter

Constable and Emergency Management Administrator: (Appointed 1 year term)

Local Plumbing Inspector: (Appointed 1 year term)
Randy Hall

Fire Chief:  (Appointed 1 year term)

David  Ramee

Sexton: (Appointed 1 year term)
Ronald Cropley