Planning Board: (Appointed)

Paul Moody, Chair (Term expires 2019)
Margaret Byrne, Co-Chair  (Term expires 2018)
Sharon Moody, Secretary (Term expires 2020)
Frances Powell, Alternate (Term expires 20119)
Dianne Drake  (Term expires 2020)
Matthew Young (Term expires 2020)
James Bell (Term expires 2020)

Meet 2nd and 4th Monday at 7 pm at the Town Office unless otherwise posted.

 Budget Committee: (Appointed 1 year term)

meets during Jan. and Feb. prior to Budget Hearing and Town Meeting
David Fletcher
Joyce Benson
Peter Gray
Nancy Clifford
Paul Moody

B.B. Cook Clubhouse Committee:
(Appointed 3 year term)
meets twice yearly

       Bessie Luce, Chair (Term expires 2017)
Janet Cropley, Secretary/Treasurer (Term expires 2019)
Daryl Bell (Term expires 2017)
Peter Gray (Term expires 2017)
Ronald Cropley, Vice Chair (Term expires 2017)
Cindy Hubbard, Aternate (Term expires 2017)

Parks and Recreation Committee: (Appointed 3 year term)

Angela Wren (Term expires 2017)

Regional Solid Waste Representatives:

Robert Hogg
Rick Montana

Troy’s Representative to the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry

Eugene Coombs

The Town of Troy depends heavily on its many dedicated volunteers. We thank them for their service. If you would like to get involved in volunteering for a board or committee please contact the town clerk.