Town Government: the most basic level of government and the most participatory by nature and necessity.

In Troy the town meeting which is the local legislative body is held at the Troy Central School 202/9 (Bangor Rd) on Saturday in March. There all registered voter residents  assembled accept or modify the operating budget for the year, approve or reject proposals presented in the warrant and decide various “housekeeping” procedures in what is usually a 3-4 hour meeting,

Election of  candidates for those few positions still requiring election (many have been changed to appointments in the past few years)  is held the day before the town meeting, at the polls at the town office. Candidates take out nominating papers in February and get signatures of registered voter residents to support them.  Most positions are for three year terms. Any resident or land owner in town can petition to put an article on the warrant for the town meeting through the board of selectmen.

Besides the three-person Board of Selectmen (also elected Assessors and Overseers of the Poor) , other town government functions and some delegated state functions such as motor vehicle  and boat registration, dog licensing and sales  of hunting and fishing licenses, are carried out by the Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Road Commissioner, Planning Board and several committees and representatives to other quasi-municipal organizations. All but the Forest Trustees and Representative to the Regional School District Board of Directors are now appointed positions.

The town maintains a town office, a fire house, a salt/sand shed, a re-use garage about 48 miles of roads,  sixteen town forest lots and 6 cemeteries. There is no town water or sewage system.  Trash and recyclables are picked up road side on Wednesdays (see the town office for the schedule) under a town-wide contract. Recyclables can also be taken directly to the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center in Thorndike 6 days a week. Pick up a flyer describing what can be taken there at the town office.

The annual town report is usually available at the town office the week before the town meeting. This gives all the town officers, committees,  annual reports, budget figures, the town meeting warrant and a sample ballot for elections. It’s required reading for anyone who wants to know Troy! Come to town meeting or Board meetings informed – better yet, volunteer to be part of your town government, where governing is more about making things work than about politics! (Imagine – you do NOT state your political party when you run for office in Troy!)