Tax-deductible donations may be sent to:
Treasurer, Troy Union Church, 230 Bangor Rd. Troy, ME 04987

March 27, 2011 Arron Sturgis made his Presentation of Conditions Assessment Report and Recommendations to the congregation and community members.  We learned the reason for the leaning tower, and what needed to be done. The tower is leaning because the supporting trusses have rotted due to water leaking in, especially through the belfry, but also through the roof, over the last 160 years or so.  During the period when the church was closed,1947-1955,  more deterioration occurred, probably because of lack of maintenance. In 1955 the members of Troy’s Seven Star Grange repaired and re-opened the church. A dropped ceiling (Memorial Ceiling) was installed for insulation, and this may have made any leaks less obvious. To keep the south end of the tower from leaning more and eventually falling into the sanctuary, stabilization was needed. Since we had the funds ($5000) for this, we voted to go ahead with having the stabilization brace built in the back of the sanctuary, going from the ground under the church, and continuing up through to the south side of the belfry tower which is leaning. The stabilization was completed April 12, 2011.  So the immediate crisis is ended, but the major repairs and restoration, including truss repairs, and belfry and roof repairs, require raising about $75,000. After we raise this amount, we will apply for the Restoration Grant from the Maine Steeples Project. The $75,000 represents the rest of the match needed after we apply for and receive a Restoration Grant. The Maine Steeples Project would, we hope, grant $40,000. This is their maximum, and 50% is the maximum percent. Since our need is for a total of approximately $120,000 for these first projects, about $80,000 is what we need to raise, in order to get the $40,000 match.

We have been advised not to apply for the Restoration Grant until we have raised most of the $75,000. So far we have raised about $5000, and an additional $5000 in pledges.

When we started out with the Assessment Grant, part of the application was eligibility for the requirements for the National Register of Historic Places, administered by the National Park Service.

The Coordinator of the National Register for Maine State Preservation Commission,
Christi Mitchell, informed Norma 11/5/10 that we had received National Register
eligibility.  Her department was not available to prepare the nomination for National
Register in 2010. She suggested hiring an architectural historian. Norma contacted Sara
Martin, who quoted $10,000. Norma asked Rochelle Bohm (of Maine Preservation),
who had met with the congregation for the original site visit, and she agreed to coach
Norma in writing the nomination. (So we  saved $10,000).
Christi Mitchell did a great deal of work on the nomination, and she provided
helpful materials as well. Norma Rossel sent the nomination to Christi Mitchell and she
submitted it to the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.

7-22-11           Troy Union Church was elected unanimously to the National Register of Historic Places (as well as the Seven Star Grange #73, by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission at their meeting in Rockland, Maine .

11-18-11         Troy Union Meeting House (1840) was officially entered into the National Register of Historic Places, by the National Park Service.

A recent  article in the Bangor Daily News which congratulated the Troy Union
Church and the Troy Seven Star Grange Hall for being entered on the National Register,
mistakenly stated that the Troy Union Church had received a $40,000 grant. We want to
raise $75,000 before we apply for this Maine Steeples Project Grant.