One thought on “Seven Star Grange

  1. What fond memories I have from when I was a child and attending the Grange suppers! I remember Alice Fogg’s yeast rolls, in particular, and lots of different kinds of beans and brown-bread. In the kitchen area there used to be a large furnace contraption which was replaced by a more modern, smaller unit, as I recall.

    There have been many events at the Grange Hall over the years including all the Town Meetings I ever attended. I recall when some of the local folks had a fund raiser to collect money for the stair lift so that older members could make it up over the stairs and be a part of the upstairs events.

    One event that was very personal for me was the celebration of my mother’s 80th birthday. We had gale force winds and rain but despite all that, the band arrived, we had lots of guests, and it was a complete surprise to Mom (Eileen Gage). Mom loved to dance and she was “cutting a rug” from the moment she arrived. She is doing okay and as well as can be expected after having suffered a stroke in 2008. She enjoys visitors at her home. We are very fortunate to have cousin Janet step up to the plate and be Mom’s live-in caregiver. She is a good friend and companion to Mom.

    I hear the membership is dwindling at Grange. I took some time and spoke with the National Grange President here in Washington, DC. He was very helpful and suggested some ideas. I hope the State Grange jumps on those suggestions and gets the membership back up. It is a great tradition that I would hate to see disappear.

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