UNIVERSAL HAZARDOUS WASTE (Contains toxic components)

***NO fees to member town residents***

  • batteries (all types, including automobile,
    rechargeable, button cells and alkaline)
  • ink and toner printer cartridges
  • TVs
  • computer monitors
  • computers
  • printers
  • game consoles
  • digital picture frames
  • all mercury containing devices (fluorescent bulbs,
    thermometers, thermostats)
  • fluorescent lamp ballasts
  • Fire/Smoke alarms

PLEASE use caution handling mercury, it is a
poisonous heavy metal! (e.g. fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, thermostats, some
automotive switches, some antiques – pendulum clocks, barometers, silvered
mirrors and vases)

  • no curbside pickup
  • no Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) (liquids e.g.
    solvents, paints, cleaners)
  • no pesticides
  • no gas
  • no oil


Mixed electronic waste

(E-Waste – must have have circuitry to function, may have LCD display or
time clock)

  • coffeemakers with timer
  • keyboards, mice & speakers
  • microwave ovens
  • fax and copy machines
  • home stereos and portable radios
  • telephones (all phones)
  • remote control units
  • VCR and DVD players
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
  • Basically ALL ELECTRONIC
  • Not sure? Please ask!
  • no coffeemakers with on/off switch
  • no toasters
  • no fans
  • no vacuums
  • no hairdryers

Freon containing

  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • air conditioning units
  • These items MUST be intact and contain the refrigerant.
    Doors off is OK.