From Douglas Fernald:

“Douglas visited the shop after the major   reconstruction was done and recalled that he was given some newspaper   clippings from a family member.  He recalls the current shop was  constructed in 1919 (but he going to confirm the actual date/year and get back to us).  From the stories provided by Freddye Fuller, she recalls    hearing that Father West owned the building or the property where the     original shop was located.  For some reason, the old blacksmith shop     was torn down and a new one built in its place (the one you see standing     now).  Apparently, the old one was quite small and the forge was     outside.  The new one provided much more space and one could work in     the winter inside in relative comfort.”

Here are some of Charlie Gage’s  memories of his grandfather’s blacksmith shop:

“I certainly have fond memories of seeing     grandfather do his blacksmithing and shoeing horses.  I held a     “twister” a number of time to control a horse who decided he had no interest     in being shod.  Grandfather always managed to convince them they were     going to be shod.  Grandfather (John Leone Getchell, b. 1893, d. 1973)     lived to 79 and shod horses until he was 78.”

Here is some information on the renovation.