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  1. I’ve been wanting to know about some History of my property at 154 Bangor Rd Troy where there was an ice and creamery business originally on this property. Looking for any pictures. I’ve got some interesting pipelines……………….

  2. Janet Moxcey caregiver and cousin to Eileen Gage. We are descendants of the Francis Hillman Family, and a wonderful thought occured to me, since Hillman’s no longer own the land on Ward Hill rd, that the current owner would put a bench there for the look out and a place to park as a donation to the town and history of troy, what a treasure that look out is..

  3. I wonder if the lookout Janet Moxcey mentioned is on Ward Hill Road across from our driveway and Frank Keathan’s driveway? There is a place to park in front of the droopy cable on our driveway. People are welcome to park there to enjoy the view. On a clear day it is fun to see how many mountains you can name, including Saddleback, Bigelow Range etc.
    Thanks, Norma Rossel

  4. I have ties to the Prentiss family who lived in Troy in the late 1800s/early 1900s. In going through family papers I’ve come across some wedding and birth announcements that may be tied to current Troy families. Here’s what I have.
    Wedding announcement – Eben Vose to Minnie Hillman, Troy 1901
    Invitation to 26th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Wingate, North Carmel 1897
    Birth announcement Archie Fred Knapp Jr 1917
    Birth announcement Richard Dodge Jr 1918
    Invitation to sixth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Webb, Troy 1897
    Wedding announcement Rev. Willis Luce, Unity 1902
    Invitation to 10th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Knight 1893 East Troy
    Wedding announcement Ethel Emma Pierce to Fred Herbert Bagley 1900 Troy

    Please contact me at ross.christines@yahoo.com if you are related to any of these people.
    Thank you

      • Thank you for passing along. I’m not sure I made myself clear in my original post. What I’m hoping to do is one by one pass these items back to the original families if they want them. This site seemed the perfect way for me to contact at least some if not all of the families. Thanks again

  5. Does anyone have any history of the Rutland Road? My 2nd great grandfather supposedly lived on that road near the Plymouth town line back in 1870 era according to the town clerk I communicated with a while back. We tried to traverse the road from the Plymouth end 2 years ago and couldn’t get through due to flooding. Any information about that road as far as what sets of buildings were once there, etc. would be appreciated very much.

    • In hopes that William Jefferson Arno and Lydia J Woodward will be found in that graveyard, here is a name of their infant child that died while living in Troy, Henry Arno 1859-1860.

  6. Rutland Rd. Was once an active area. There was a granite quary, mills Tannery, farms. It connected to adjoining towns. old graves long lost deep in woods now. The Carlton Family (NH) Early settlers on Carlton Bog, Rutland Rd. Other Early family’s inc, Richard Gray, Nathaniel, Gray, Benjamin Gray, Alexander Gray, Arno Family, Smalls & other from Troy, Plymouth. The old Arno graves are at the top of Rutland Rd. hill near tree farm (on Left) near Plymouth line where rd. turns to paved. The cemetery is ‘bushy now. Private Land! It contains the grave of a daughter of Thomas Gray Pioneer of Monmouth Maine.The stones very sadly, are broken,toppled, some buried under earth.Years ago, the elderly Arno sister & other shared the the 1st gray cem’t was not far for Arno grave, just down the dirt path mile or so was between 2 “huge pines”, now gone. Oral history which I have compiled over many decades.Also paper trail & historical maps/deeds/bibles. many old foundation still exist but quite overgrown. Best record to ck family ancestry: MOCA Cemetery Records at the Maine state library, 2nd copy; BGR. Lib. Hope this Helps! J. Gray

    • I too am a a 2 times great-granddaughter of an Arno, William Jefferson and Lydia “Woodward” Arno and their daughter Charlotte Ida “Arno” Wentworth 1863-1913. My grandmother Stella was heart broken she didn’t know where her grandfather WJA was buried, a young widow moved to Ma. shortly after her mother died in 1913. Her grandfather had lived with them in Fayette Me. and even when they lived in Woburn Ma. going home summers she said. Jackie has been a wonderful detective making sure WJA and his family are not forgotten. WJA lived with the Wentworth family from 1902-1913 when Charlotte died, he the went to live with a Bill Smith in Fayette, for how long I do not know and where he went afterwards is a mystery.

      • The year I was 10 (1898) grandfather came to live with us. (Woburn Ma.) Skipped part that doesn’t pertain to WJA. It was fall when grandfather came. He thought a lot of Ray and used to sing folks songs and the verses he would make up like the extra words to Jack and Jill and the toe verses. He was well versed in herb medicine and over attic and shed was hung with herbs drying from the ceiling. Some of the stuff tasted good and some tasted horrible. This was written by granddaughter Stella Charlotte “Wentworth” later Campbell, Barr then Smith 1888-1990. Ray is gram’s brother, The place they lived in Fayette was called the Green house and was located in the Mills above a one room school house now a library. The house was razed several years ago.

  7. J. Gray…………wonderful information you have shared! Thank you!Have you actually seen the Arno graves? I have been searching for 2 years in various locations and suspected that the graves might be right at the location where the Arnos lived. We searched around some, but were apparently too far from the Plymouth line.

  8. I take care of Eileen Gage and her Grandmother Hersery was an arno and i believe if you contact Douglas Fernald by phone he can give you more info since his grandmother Vera Getchell Fernald was the daughter of Grammie Hersey, I am Janet Moxcey and am a relative of Eileens and i live with her and take care of her and you can contact me by phone or here and i have some info too and a family tree of sorts too. Troy has a long history and the rutland rd and troy center and cross and ward hill were a hub back in the 1800 s troy had a population of over 1000 people and the webster cemetary rd was another busy hub back then too..

    • Thanks for the information, I will try to contact Douglas Fernald as you suggested. I would also like to contact “J. Gray” but don’t have enough information to do so. If you have further information on the Arnos of the Rutland Road could you email me directly at jacquelnaubrey@msn.com. Thanks!

      • I am too looking for Arno grave. I am a 2 times great- great granddaughter off William and Lydia Arno. I’ve talked to you before. That Rutland Rd. sounds interesting. People like you are getting closer to this family, bless you. My grandmother loved this man so much, he was a good grandfather to her and her sibs, even a brother was named after him, William Arno Wentworth 1892-1896. He was called Willie.

      • Info from letter concerning WJA: When we all lived at the green house in Fayette coming there in 1902. Francis was 9 months old. He was born in Woburn Ma. in Mar. 1902 and we moved to willmington Ma. a few miles from north of Woburn for the summer. Grandfather was with us all this time. He did go to Me. on summer visits until we went to Fayette.

  9. From my research the prentiss family lived right by the Webster Cemetary and there were quite alot of familys over on that road all the way back thru to the wingate road on thorndike line,where my great Aunt mina and Fred wingate lived.

  10. yes it is, The hillman/Williston homestead is just below you. You see some of the people remember it as Williston cause of my Aunt bert who took care of her father who inherited it from his father.. So would love to see the inside of the house, Hilma Getchell and Grace Elkins(my gram) were born there and told me of a ball room upstairs and they use to have town meetings there and such..Quite a History Troy has and am very proud of it.

    • I only know they lived on Webster cemetary rd a couple generations did. I saw a map of where there plots of land was. This map was in a brown book written in the 70s by two Mitchell sisters. There is a copy at town office of book

  11. Janet Moxcey…………..do you have any idea who “J. Gray” might be in an earlier post. I contacted Douglas Fernald yesterday but he doesn’t have much information on the Arno family. I believe that “J. Gray” is my only hope of finding the Arno family grave sites. Thanks Janet,
    Jackie Aubrey

    • No sorry there is a billy gray on the detroit\troy rd and peter gray on rt 220 headed to Detroit. Try town office they might know and check Detroit and Plymouth offices may have grave info. You might try state archives also

  12. Unfortunately when I contacted Douglas Fernald, he had no helpful information about the Arnos and the Rutland Road. I continue to be hopeful that the Arnos’ graves will be found. WJA apparently died in Plymouth while living with his son and daughter-in-law. His son died the same year and is buried in the Sawyer Cemetery in Plymouth. No evidence that WJA is buried there. The mystery continues……………

  13. Thanks for trying! I emailed the town office to see if they knew, but I guess I’ll have to drive over.

  14. Unfortunately Plymouth hasn’t anything except that WJA died there, but wasn’t buried there as far as they know. The Troy town office has nothing for either WJA or his wife Lydia who died while they were still living in Troy. Troy only knows that the family lived on the Rutland Rd near the Plymouth line (which we have since found on an old map of Troy). My only real hope is to locate the J. Gray who posted on April 7th 2014 that seems to have first hand knowledge of some Arno family members and some Gray family members burial places. I wish I could find J. Gray, who seems to be the key to solving this mystery!!
    Please, J. Gray…………..wherever you are, please contact me.

  15. I have faith you will find the burial site for WJA and his wife Lydia. My Aunt Phylis “Barr” Potter hunted for him years ago, going to Troy and even talking to people, this was in the 1950’s. He had lived with his daughter Charlotte in Woburn Ma. my grandmother said, he went home summers, then that family moved to Me. in late 1902, he was with them until Charlotte died in 1913 Fayette Me. She is buried in Mountain View Cemetery Camden Me. only 3 on that large lot, Charlotte, infant or stillborn son, and her youngest daughter Celestine Olive “Wentworth” Smith…Did I tell you Stella’s (Gram) had a brother named after WJA, William Arno Wentworth, he died in 1896 results of scarlet fever, he is buried in Bellevue Cem. Lawrence Ma.

  16. Does anyone have information about the Rodgers or Hodgdon families? We are hoping to find information about John (one of the original settlers in 1801), any of his children, Charles Rodgers, and Elvina Hodgdon, who may be ancestors. Thanks for any clues.

  17. I have found the gravesite of my 3rd great grandfather, Enoch William Bagley, there in Troy, through Find A Grave. There’s a marker next to the gravestone with the initials SAR on it. I’ve been told this is a Sons of the American Revolution marker, but also that you cannot belong to that organization other than going through the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), and his name is not in their records. I also know his application for a Revolutionary War pension was denied, but that is all I am able to find about him so far. Is there anyone there who can enlighten me please? Or does anyone know if there are any Bagley descendants still in the area? Thank you for any information you can help me with.

  18. Your e-mail came through fine. Meanwhile I found pay records for Enoch, it shows he and lots of other men from New Hampshire joined up July 4, 1780 and mustered back out on Oct. 25, 1780. I don’t know what made the “short” duration. I heard on one genealogy show there was a group called the Hundred Days Men, they filled in as guards, security, and doing anything else needed in order to relieve those who needed to get back in the thick of things (my description, not the shows. Would love input from anyone who might know these things. I love history, but I’m just now 78 (on Lincoln’s Birthday) so it’s been a while since studying it in school. (missed my calling big time). Thank you for responding.

  19. Think I mentioned the Hundred Days Men somewhere in here. I just looked them up and they were in the Civil War, not the revolution. Forgive my error. Thanks.

  20. Does anyone have any history on the Alvin Cross farm at 718 Bangor Rd. I have randomly heard mention that it was Luce before that. I now own it and would love to know more about it and really want to get it back in shape.

    • The Historical Society is meeting Thursday, April 21 at 1 pm at the town office. I am sure we can find some info.

  21. I was wondering if anyone had any old photos or records of that the old Ward Farm that used to be located at what was 815 Ward Hill Rd, looked like? It was my family’s farm before it burned and unfortunately most of the family’s pictures of said house went in the fire that took it. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated!

  22. I’m still seeking other descendants of Enoch William Bagley, my 3rd Great Grandfather, to fill in the family tree.

  23. I have 2 OLD B&W photos of people that used to live in Troy,ME. Gertrude & Otis DANFORTH. 1 photo is of Gertrude and her dog. Did they have a local Store in that Town? I will mail photos to the Historical Society there if they want them.
    My Grandparents knew them.
    Diane COOSE LITTLEFIELD, Hampden, ME


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