Troy is home to a thousand people more or less. A thousand people can do a lot of business. You might have  a sign selling eggs out front . You might  write books, fix cars,  build houses or boats.

What we want to do here is put people and products together.

This page  will be a  place for people who live in Troy to sell  whatever they want as long as it is legal.

It also the spot where we can try to find a local source for those things you need or want. Ask for what you need.

 If you are looking for work let us know. Someone might need someone to help getting the firewood in or to  mow the lawn. someone might want hemming done or mending.

3 thoughts on “Businesses

  1. I am searching for a book published in the 1970’s that told the history of the town of Troy. It had some great old photo’s and told a little bit about various homes in Troy and older Troy families. Does anyone have one they’d like to sell or lend if I promise to be careful? I recall reading it as a kid and have gone through all my parents old books with no success. Possibly put out by grange or volunteer fire dept. as a fund raiser? Wish I had more details, can you help? Thanks!

    • Holly, There should be copies at the town office. If not the Unity College Library has several copies. Sorry to be so slow on the uptake. Got too busy. Is it ok if I post your Grange story on the front page? Thanks, Sandy

      • Sorry just saw your note from back in June. If you would like to use it that would be fine. Thanks for asking. Holly


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