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Hopefully this snow season is over and we can move on to road work:

The dirt roads will be getting graded next week and then calcium will be spread on those roads. Wellman paving will be coming to town in the next few weeks to do pothole repair on the tar roads.

UARRC will be re-opening May 12, 2020 with our regular hours.  Tuesday-Friday: 9:00AM-4:00PM, and Saturday 8:00AM-1:00PM.

The staff will not be helping to unload vehicles, but they will be available for help directing where items belong.

At the Selectmen’s meeting on May 6, 2020 the Select Board decided that it is in the best interest for Bolsters Rubbish Removal not to be going through all the recyclables that are left out curb side. Effectively as of June 1, 2020 the town of Troy will be having garbage pickup every Wednesday; all bags will need a sticker.  If any residents want to they can bring their own recyclables to UARRC on their own. Fiberight, where our garbage goes in Hampden, does sort through the garbage and whatever can be recycled is recycled.

The Select Board would like to thank the Planning Board for taking the initiative and being able to have a meeting in the Town Office parking lot and getting business done while keeping everyone safe.

Thank you
Selectman, Richard Montana

Here are the recycling guidelines.

3 thoughts on “Road Work and Recycling

  1. I’m confused is Throndike recycling out of business? They aren’t accepting any more recycling from Troy, there is no way I am running to Hampden to take a bag of tin cans or any recycling materials


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