Tel. 207-948-2283
Fax 207-948-5456

 To The Residents of Troy:

The Selectmen for the Town of Troy have road crews out cleaning up all the debris to make sure all town roads are passable. Until all debris is cleaned up please be careful of possible obstructions in the road, as broken branches and other obstructions are still happening.

If anyone sees anything life threatening please call 911.

As soon as all the debris is cleaned up we will be getting the grader into town to grade all dirt roads, and then have calcium put on the roads to cut down on the dust.

I am in contact with Waldo County Emergency Management Agency, and as of right now there has been no word on whether this last storm will be declared a disaster so that we will be able to get FEMA money to recoup the financial strain this storm has put on the town.

A Special Thank you to the Troy Volunteer Fire Department and Travis Sullivan for going above and beyond on the night of the storm for clearing the road of debris and making sure the roads were quickly passable.

Thank you

Selectman, Richard Montana


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