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 To The Residents of Troy:
The fact that I requested this be posted on the town website and the new Facebook page may be an indication that I am not okay today.
I received bad news this morning that a friend, Ralph Sullivan, had passed last night.  His passing was not connected to the COVID-19 virus.

We have all heard what I am about to say at least a thousand times throughout our lives, and now, one more time. If you have people you care about, friends you haven’t seen but think about regularly but are “too busy” to take 5 minutes to call and say “Hi” I’m asking you to rethink that. Today, I realized I just “thought” I was too busy with my mother’s affairs to pick up the phone and call Ralph and just say “Hi” if nothing else. The news of his passing was a shock my system could not take.

Please join me in sending heartfelt condolences to the Sullivan family

Rest in peace, Ralph, You will be missed.

Brian Piper


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