JohnPeterSargentI have lived on Barker Road since 1987. Peter and Sandy have lived down the road all that time and have been wonderful neighbors and friends. Peter died on March 11 after too long an illness. I will miss him.
He was a generous man, full of stories  and adventures, and sometimes bad jokes, trying to get under my skin. He was good to us, always ready to lend a hand. He loved the woods and fishing and he loved home. He taught me about loving Maine.  He loved cucumbers. I love cucumbers. Peter and I could always share cucumbers.

And he was a poet. Sandy shared a poem Peter wrote about Troy and I am passing it on to you in memory of Peter and his wonderful smile. Thank you Peter.

Town Blessing

I bless you people of old Troy town, No man alive can put you down.

You are special without a doubt, Compassion’s there, you reach out. I’m a stranger, you’ve taken me in, To have this town, it’s not a sin.

The people in office, you’re the best. When the sun goes down, you need a rest. The people in town, you truly rate,

Most people smile, you’re surely great. History is special, a real great past And also a pride, forever may last.

I live my life from day to day, I hope to God it’s here I stay.

For heaven was made with you in mind, A future, a present, a life behind.

I love you Troy, right from the start, Old Troy town, we’ll never part.

-John P. Sargent


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