Dear friends and correspondents,

Greetings from snowy Troy. Just checking in to remind you that *Summer to Fall: Notes and Numina in the Maine Woods* remains available from North Country Press and can make a nice holiday gift for the outdoorspeople and readers among your friends and family.

Free shipping when ordered directly from the publisher. Buy local! <http://www.northcountrypress.com/summer-to-fall.html> Also available in book and electronic form from online book sellers.

And *Nebulae: A Backyard Cosmography*, a book of ruminations on the parallels of deep space and deep mind, is also available from online book sellers and direct from the publisher <http://booklocker.com/books/6276.html>

The Backyard Naturalist column continues <https://www.centralmaine.com/2018/11/21/autumn-and-winter-moons-in-focus/> and here are some links about the projects:


Thanks for your support! Please feel free to drop a line if you have time.

All best,
Dana Wilde

Summer to Fall
North Country Press
126 Main St.
Unity, ME 04988

Summer to Fall: Notes and Numina in the Maine Woods

Nebulae: A Backyard Cosmography

Backyard Naturalist

Off Radar


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