Sunday, October 22, 2:30 to 5 at UCCPA in Unity.  Contact Stephanie Tardiff stardiff@unity.edu for more info.



One thought on “Weatherization Event

  1. Hi. . Is this paper Troy or Unity or both? The people seem to work on very worthwhile projects that would help people.

    I have strong ties to both towns.

    My Grd. Parents, Lena Sargent Myrick and Fred Myrick, Ward Hill Rd. Troy, Me.

    My mother graduated from Unity HS I think 1936, then to Lewiston, Central me. Gen. Hosp. For Nursing. We have misplaced her Graduation Photo, women in beautiful white Lacy dresses, and also picture of Girls Basketball Team, the year they win the State championship.mother in both. She, Ora Myrick Bushley. Both 8 x 10s. Would there be anyone with school records who might know where I could locate copies of these two? I think misplaced at time of funeral, 2007. Been looking all this time.

    Love this newspaper! Your towns are so different than down in southern Me.

    My Mother took us back and forth to both towns when we growing up to visit relatives and always took me around and pointed out where everyone had lived on Ward Hill, especially. They had two large set of buildings burn flat and my Grd. Father tried, when he road Comm.,Troy, and other years to get Ward Hill Rd. paved, so could Farmers on the road could get products to Cannery and Dairy. Also, could not buy Fire Insurance so total loss, both times.

    Thanks and have a Great Day!! Diana Myrick-Bushley Libby, Windham, Maine.

    On Oct 15, 2017 11:42 AM, “Troy Maine Local News” wrote:

    > watershed narratives posted: “Sunday, October 22, 2:30 to 5 at UnityCCPA > in Unity. Contact Stephanie Tardiff stardiff@unity.edu for more info. ” >


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