Troy Homeland Security sent their drone to capture the steeple chase.

Here is the rest of the story from Norma Rossel.  It really tells us what is going on down at the church. The copper roof  is pretty cool and useful as well.

Kent Thurston sent his drone up to capture the installation of the copper cap, the last part of Phase 2. (Phase 1,2015, was Building the New Trusses for the tower, on Ward Hill Road in Troy. Phase 2, 2016-2017 was installing the new trusses and tower timbers into the church through a large slot in the roof.

The  copper roof is needed to assure very long term waterproofing of the bell tower.

The reason the tower had been leaning many years ago  Is that water had penetrated through the tower roof.

The water had rotted the massive main truss or second chord which had supported the south end of the tower, so it was hollow over the middle six feet  of its 33-ft span across the church. Eventually, it sagged and allowed the tower to lean heavily into the sanctuary. The tower is not leaning any longer, because the main truss, paired with a second truss, support the newly rebuilt tower.

The copper roof was installed by C.O. Beck of Waterville, ME.


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