One thought on “Ice Fishing Derby – March 4

  1. Hi. I realize this is probably the wrong Dept. However, wanted to touch base, as I have been corresponding with Troy’s Historical Society and am writing a History (Not Genealogy) that has already been done years ago, detailing the day to day lives of my Mother’s family, her parents, were:. Lena Sargent Myrick and Fred A. Myrick, from Troy. I started the narration about the time of the Civil War and have had family participating in every War Americ, has been in since its inception. I have extended family members in and around the town of Troy. We, (Family) came up twice last fall and took extended tours and pictures. My Grandparents were active both in the Grange and he taught at Troy High School School 18833-1902 and again 1914- and 1915, although my Mother graduated from Unity High. They also were Dairy and produce farmers sending to the cannery and Dairy. Fred Myrick was very active in Town affairs in his younger days.

    I am an artist so have done paintings of the Turner Center Dairy, Unity, wasn’t aware Troy, had a Dairy, gave that to a cousin and then this winter have completed paintings of the Grange as it would have been back “In the Day) with people, ladies long dresses, buggy’s, so forth. and one of the old dilapidated HS as it stands now and with fall colors. They are both 16×20. I no longer sell my paintings, just do for enjoyment now, was wondering if you would be interested in seeing photos of the framed paintings? My Daught-in-Law, Michelle Libby, has been Editor in Chief of the Windham Eagle since its inception, although has recently retired, To pursue other avenues. She does beautiful photography work and if interested she could take photos. I like to share. The History is for Family but would love any input anyone would like to impart to me to use. My Mother, after training as a Nurse at the Central Maine General Hospital in Lewiston , married Robert A,.Bushley, and they made their home in Windham, Maine, but she always looked forward to her Trips”Up Home”, as she always referred to going there. Thank you for your time and y Looking forward to hopefully hearing from you. Sincerely, Diana L. Libby. I am retired. You can reach me at my email or 207-8926627 at your convenience.


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