From Troy’s own Dana Wilde:

Dear friends and correspondents,

This is a note to encourage you to put Summer to Fall: Notes and Numina
from the Maine Woods on the shopping list for your nature-minded readers
these holidays. The book has had some nice notices so far, including the
Bangor Daily News
) and Island Institute’s Working Waterfront newspaper
among others.

It’s available at book stores in Maine and online through the publisher at
http://www.northcountrypress.com/summer-to-fall.html, as well as from
Amazon and Barnes & Noble, including Kindle and Nook editions.

Also available for the stargazing phiolosophers on your holiday list are
Nebulae: A Backyard Cosmography from Booklocker.com
http://booklocker.com/books/6276.html, and my contribution in Pluto: New
Horizons for a Lost Horizon, from North Atlantic Books
both in paperback and e-reader editions.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m glad to hear from everyone.

Happy holidays,
Dana Wilde

Summer to Fall available from North Country Press, 126 Main St., Unity, ME
04988. info@northcountrypress.com   www.northcountrypress.com



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