Do Not approach the Church building and surroundings, as machinery, equipment  on the construction /restoration site  can be very dangerous and could cause injury.

Preservation Timber Framing carpenters and Troy Union Church carpenters have been getting a lot done in preparation for Really Big Crane Day coming up November 2 .

Marvin has rebuilt the roof of the tower, complete except for the copper on the cap, which will be put on by a copper contractor. This is for ideal water-proofing of the belfry. The back wall of the tower is also mostly done. Tim and Scott were hacking away on the east side of the tower area. The deck for the bell and cradle has also been rebuilt.

The public is invited to watch action from across the street.  There is a lot to get done so it may take all day. We are not set up for bathrooms, food, etc. The date may be changed, if weather gets rainy or otherwise inclement/unmerciful.


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