7 thoughts on “Freedom Fall Follies

      • No. I “discovered” Troy while researching ancestors (Enoch William Bagley was my 3rd Great Grandfather). He lived in and was buried there in Troy. I don’t know if I have any relatives still there. (I was born in Schuylerville NY, was moved to Florida at age 8, and moved to Tennessee in 1996).

      • There are still Bagleys in Troy. Grace Bagley is the surviving member of the previous generation in in her 90s and lives close by. There are nephews living in the homestead now. I do not know more but could find out from the historical society.

      • Thank you so much. I’d like to simply call the newspaper or email and place an ad seeking the family. It’s truly exciting to find there are so many relatives in New England. But Troy is 1,027 miles or so from here, and I am having problems driving these days (I’m 78) so don’t know if I would ever make it there. However, there’s always hope. I can’t find a listing for the paper to get the number or info about ads. Lavinia

      • Lavinia
        The closest newspaper is the Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel in Waterville, Maine. Grace is in her mid to late 90s and I am not sure if she would respond but others in the area might. The ones in Troy do not have the Bagley name. I do not know them. You might inquire at the town office -207-948-2283. I cannot seem to find a place in the paper for you to post a notice. My website is not an official town site and my readership is not that large. I am not sure the protocol in this situation. Let me check.

      • Thank you for your help. I found Grace L., age 96 in one of the whowhere or anywho sites, no address given; lots of other Bagleys in Maine.


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