2 thoughts on “Info on Trash Options

  1. I believe the author of the article hit the nail on the head, for all the research I have done and passed on through this site and email to the town office.

    Why some of the big towns have already jumped on this bandwagon is a mystery to me. Maybe they like shinny new toys, at taxpayer’s expense.

    You know these green company grants run out in five years, keep that in mind on making a decision. The company has only ‘test’ sites sat up in the USA. Why did they come to Maine. And, has anyone contacted the expert in energy, Ken Fletcher about this industry for future references, he isn’t going to be around forever.

    • I think the reason that towns have jumped on board is that PERC is continuing to cost more and is not working to be more inclusive. Unlike the author of the op ed piece I believe that if we really want to reduce waste, be more efficient and minimize cost we need to move to some type of single stream. The current set up is not efficient.


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