These are articles written about M.R.C. and the new facility being built in Hampden. We will be voting at town meeting on whether to allow the selectmen to negotiate the best deal going forward based on cost and feasibility.

8 thoughts on “More info About Trash

  1. Too much data, not enough data
    The transportation that is expensive to haul this trash. And, the technology, the company is too new, hasn’t been tested, no background to make a decision.
    Reminds me of the Obama solar failed projects the taxpayers spent MILLIONS AND MILLIONS on the failures, while the failed companies just walked!
    Is there any hidden clause the town is on the hook for failure costs, bailouts, price increases, etc?

    The contract is too long, is there any escape clauses if the industry/company doesn’t measure up to promises.

    I believe the thing to do is be Mr. Ken Fletcher’s best buddy and attend all the meetings he will be speaking at, in making this decision for his town, or get a meeting transcript emailed to the selectmen, and posted on this website. He is the expert. If Troy has such and expert, in energy, contracts, negotiations, and, analysis. I’m not aware, but, hope there is, that will look at the contract, the company, the cost/benefit and able to negotiate a better deal, or find another alternative.

    You can not take these industries at face value, they will paint a picture to benefit themselves. Is there going to be any negotiate get the price down. Who is the expert that can negotiate? And, for this company to put the pressure on to join them by threatening time limit’ additional fee, tell them to stuff it, they need the communities tonnage more than we need them. We’ll take our time making a decision in our favor!

    On the selfish side. Are the local recycle going to close? I hate to see our local recycle go, as I use them to get newspapers and cardboard in the Spring for the gardens. The lady that wants to sift the organic from the rest of the recycles, good luck with that, labor intensive. That would be for a community that is compact, The problem is we are a rural community spread too far out from one another to come together for such projects, it would take too much transportation and time to make this organic recycling practical. People won’t get off the couch to change a channel, you think they are going to sift the debris for organic, we could dump the organic behind the Unity building where the food is given out, I believe there is a garden plot, but that would draw wildlife and it might stink if not properly done. So good luck.

    If this technology is so swift, the facility should be paying the towns to haul the trash to them, after all, it is an energy source same as oil is to the oil companies.
    There are too many factors to consider for a common person without experience in the field to make a decision. I’ll do some research on the web, the best information are people using this service from this company. but it is so new, doubt if there is much info.
    Again, I would go with what Mr Ken Fletcher is considering,*even with that, consider with a jaundice eye, he’s the expert. in the field of energy. His input would be the first step in the decision process

  2. Why doesn’t the town officials contact other towns that are working with the company on their experiences. Remember, this company is getting Govt grants and subsides tells me it can’t stand alone, When the economy goes bust, and the grants run out, where are you going to be? Here is an Article on Marion, IA, you can contact the town, if they are happy. “The city of Iowa City also has studied Fiberight’s Marion and Blairstown plans, but in May the city decided not to commit its garbage to Fiberight until it sees how Fiberight does in Marion and Blairstown.”
    http://www.thegazette.com/subject/news/business/energy-resources/marion-trash-sorting-facility-delayed-20140915 from article “He said the financing for the projects also is complex.”
    Looking at this Company for consideration, has anyone looked at their business profile as to their profit margin, Their return, and all the financial data connected to this NEW energy company?
    Craig Stuart-Paul, Fiberight Board Members addresses

    Click to access Fiberight%20Board%20of%20Directors%2018.pdf

    Profile of exe team http://fiberight.com/executive-team/
    Insight into company http://fiberight.com/
    So far, looks like company is 8yrs old?
    Can’t find the financial filings, yet,, if they had stock it would be easy to find, online
    Troy is a POOR community, make your decision wisely

  3. This is the last post on this Fiberight government sponsored biotech trash company. It’s odd that it is filed as a trucking company, but when you click on the link it goes to the biotech and their income is only 1/2M plus a year, hardly enough to pay the staff, in my opinion.
    Lawrenceville, Va
    Is described as a trucking co with 8 employees
    Fiberight Llc
    853 Industrial Park Dr

    Lawrenceville, VA 23868-3316

    (410) 719-7204


    Company Overview
    FIBERIGHT LLC is in the Local Trucking Without Storage industry in Lawrenceville, VA. This company currently has approximately 5 to 10 employees and annual sales of $500,000 to $999,999.
    But, when you click on the link, it turns from a trucking company into a biofuel company, what gives? http://fiberight.com/


  4. This is from the Bangor Daily New comment section
    PRidge posted ” The Bangor decision-makers should look at all the facts before they decide to go with the Fiberight plan. Are making the decision based on the fact they did not get enough information sooner? That would seem to be a rather irrational decision to lock the city into a contract with a company that is relying on hop that their system will work. PERC has run efficiently and will run even more efficiently in 2018. Millions of dollars have been invested and made it profitable. In 2018, PERC will no longer have any debt… can the same be said about Fiberight and their $69+ million debt? And what becomes of the profit that PERC helped generate for each community? The $35,000,000 is being held by the MRC. Each town has ownership in their share. Each town can decide what to do with that share. FIberight is asking each town to invest it in their technology. Yet, each town could potentially use those funds to help support their community in other, much needed, ways… schools, elderly, infrastructure, etc. Why hasn’t the MRC acknowledged this money belongs to the TOWNS. Imagine what the City of Bangor could do with their share… $5,896,061! And Bucksport with their $392,891! And Rockland with their $1,149,158! Even Old Town with their $965,122…. the list goes on. The city of Brewer gave their $1,611,767 to Fiberight without consulting the voters. That amount could have helped save jobs, school, programs, etc. Bar Harbor followed suit with their $1,172,612. Each town must look at what they already have… a system that works and cash in hand. PERC IS going to be viable after 2108, contrary to what the Fiberight folks contend.


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