church picts. 003We’re planning to start working as soon as the weather settles, probably in June, opening up the tower and part of the roof of the church to install the new and recreated trusses and tower timbers which our Troy Church carpenters made March-April 2015 at the Garcelon House yard. Isn’t that exciting? We really appreciate the generous donations folks in the community and far afield have made to help restore this beautiful historic church.

Troy Union Church has raised the match $76,265 plus roughly $6700. This match was for Maine Community Foundation’s Maine Steeples Project Restoration Grant, awarded to Troy Union Church in June 2015. We got the first of two $30,000 checks in June, and later in 2016 when the project is nearing completion, we expect to get the last $30,000. Phase 2 construction, requires $96,629. Our figures show we have raised all but $6,786. We should have about $12,000 over the budgeted amount by June. Of course there will be a need for continuing fund raising, for the next phases.


2 thoughts on “Troy Union Church Goes Forward

  1. After phase 2 is completed (May 31 2016), we plan to go on to phase 3, at least $41,000, which will complete remaining truss and rafter work, and straighten the ridge line. Please go look at the church! Next week is crane day,May 4, depending on the weather.
    That’s when the crane list off the cap of the tower, and then removes the bell and sets in on the ground. You can see the bell up in the tower now, because the tower is all stripped.


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