Boston Cane #2

“On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Lillian Theo Bishop passed peacefully, surrounded by all the love of her family and friends at Waldo County General Hospital. “

Lillian was loved by her bountiful family. She had 108 descendants:Children, grandchildren, great and great great grandchildren.I only knew a few of them but they are incredibly generous, creative people and I have to guess that is a testament to Lillian.

I love her obituary.  

This is my favorite part:.

“Lillian lived her life with vigor and grace, always offering a smile and a joke over her teacup as she looked out at the birds and peonies from the large living room window of her little purple house. She will continue to be loved by those whose lives she touched, and never forgotten.”

The picture on the left was taken on her 100th birthday when she received the Boston Cane as the oldest resident of Troy.


One thought on “Lillian Bishop passed peacefully

  1. Lillian Grammy Bishop was a Wounderful Grammy who is missed every day and has a very special place in alot of our hearts ,as a small child I lived next to Grammy B .and have some Wounderful memories that I will cherish the rest of my life.Love&Miss you Gram B


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