Chuck Gage sent this along:

Here is the link to the video

Hi, all,

I recall Dick Cassidy doing me a favor and pulling a few strings back in 2010 by asking Ed Walker (an announcer, and friend and co-worker of Willard Scott) at his station, WAMU, to get Kate Hillman’s 100th birthday announced in Willard Scott’s birthday segment. I saw it live but was never able to locate a video of it. I did today when the thought crossed my mind after seeing Willard do birthdays today. Apparently, NBC put all of these online which is a nice touch.

Kate’s segment is about 55 seconds into this video clip (after the ads) from June 23rd, 2010. Kate’s birthday was earlier in that month, around the 6th or so. She and Thelma Vroom were born the same year, only a few days apart. Thelma did not quite make it to 100 and Kate passed away just before her 102nd birthday (I think that’s correct).

I don’t know if Kate ever saw this. It might be a good link to send to the Troy Local News bulletin that comes out on email, but I’m not sure how to contact those folks. It’s good to see Kate’s photo again. Kate was such a fixture in the history of Troy. Being in the Post Office for so many years, she knew everyone and everyone knew her. A great lady.



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