Leaning Tower of Troy will be getting a Lift, Thanks to Grant

DSCF0104The Maine Community Foundation’s Belvedere Historic Preservation Grants Program is providing $15,000, which, combined with the donations of the community and fundraising, will allow the restoration construction to begin on Troy Union Church’s leaning belfry tower (steeple). The first step will take place this Spring, when it is warm enough. Norma Rossel, who has been volunteering on this project since summer of 2010 is thrilled about getting started.

Says Rossel “Back in August 2010, we met with Rochelle Bohm of Maine Preservation, who helped us understand what we needed to do. We had the building professionally assessed. We learned why the tower is leaning: water infiltration mostly through the belfry, had rotted the supporting trusses. The main chord spans 32 feet, and is so rotten, a pencil can be pushed right into it”.

By April 2011 the tower had been stabilized with a strong wooden frame, so it would not fall into the sanctuary. Then, on November 17, 2011, Troy Union Meeting House (1840) was entered into the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Park Service that is a requirement for the funding.

Rossel applied for the Belvedere Grant in September, 2013 and was informed it was awarded in late November. “Come Spring we will move the piano to the B.B. Cook Club House, where worship services will continue while the restoration work begins.

More fund raising will be required to complete the restoration work.

Please send your (tax deductible) donations to Treasurer, Troy Union Church, 230 Bangor Rd. Troy, ME 04987 Thank you.


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