Sometime during the rainy spell in mid-September, someone drove a vehicle into Webster Cemetery and vandalized the grounds.  Attached are photographs showing the damage done.  One of the photos shows the distance between the tires was 22″ suggesting an ATV was involved.  The wonderful recreation area around Webster Cemetery is enjoyed by many responsible hikers, bikers, horseback and ATV riders, and it would be a shame to potentially encourage such conduct by ignoring it.  There was also an incident there last year where three trucks with ATV trailers actually parked in the cemetery and used it as a staging ground for their ATV ride.  A discussion on options to protect the cemetery and discourage this kind of conduct will take place at the selectman’s meeting on October 7th.

Jim Mitchell

7 thoughts on “Vandalism in Webster Cemetery

  1. What a shame…………my husband and I were there two years ago trying to find the grave of my 2nd great grandfather. (he wasn’t there)Such a beautiful, peaceful spot. What in the heck ails some people?

  2. I guess there has to be a law to keep ATV on the trail maintained by the ATV clubs, get them off the backroads. It never fails to have my drive for ATV turn outs or turn arounds. I had one ATV run through one of my flower gardens. I had a local joker and his gang use my drive and when I ran out to bawl them out, this punk told me to get back into my house. I won’t mention who that young fellows is, at this time. They are like pack animals. I had a pack of ATVers go into my neighbor;s place and when I yelled at them to get off the property, I was yelled at. My neighbor put up 3 heavy gates! So, I went online to the State Gov site and got a forest ranger out here. So, I am on the record. It’s usually the young males causing most of the trouble, altho, the one that yelled back at me from the neighbor’s place was a heavy female. There ought to be a law~ Keep the ATVs on the maintain State approved trails is my suggestion. I haven’t even mentioned them rutting up the dirt roads during mud season

  3. Put those pictures up at the store, post office VFW and any other gathering place. I grew up in a community the outlaws were curbed by the community support, they would shame the outlaws, but, that tool is no longer available since there is no such values, as shame, guilt,or accountability, in today’s society, Our deputy was also ‘packin’ in a community of 700, was a leverage, I’m thinkin’ Sandra Robinson, fed up

  4. if you looked at the tire tracks you would see that they was made by a pick-up truck not a 4 wheeler . the 4 wheelers got a bad name already . it’s the idiots with 4 wheel drives .grave yards are not a play ground.

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