From the Selectmen:

Well, it is that time of year again.  The Budget Committee and the Selectmen get to work on the new budget for the New Year next Saturday.  Last year I think we did quite well.  We were able to cut the Town’s operating budget by approximately $8,000.00 and everyone was thrilled that we were able to do this.  Then, we got the bill for the County taxes which we have little, if any, control over and the school budget; this lead to a slight raise in taxes, which was a big disappointment.

This year, however, is a different story.  Governor Paul LePage has already cut school funding to our district by $8500.00.  This is not a real big deal because it is spread out district wide.  What is a big deal is the fact that he wants to suspend revenue sharing for the next two years and we all know if it gets suspended for two years it will probably be suspended permanently.  The Town of Troy receives approximately $60,000.00 in revenue sharing each year.  Since Troy’s population is only around one thousand people, that means that property taxes would go up about $60.00 for every man, woman, and child in this town to compensate for this loss of funding.  This would be a tremendous burden on the property owners of this town.  We can only cut so much at the town level.  We need to have our roads plowed, have our trash taken away, maintain town owned buildings and cemeteries, provide a Fire Department, and our roads are slipping into disrepair.  We have roads in town that will become one lane roads pretty soon if we do not have some brush cutting done.  In addition, we are continuing to have an increase in requests for General Assistance.  We have given out more money this year in General Assistance than any year that I have been a Selectman.

I would like to urge everyone to contact the people in Augusta who are supposed to represent “Us” and tell them that we simply cannot afford this.  This is not a tax cut by the State but a major tax shift that will greatly impact property owners.

You can contact Mike Thibodeau, our State Senator, at senatorthibodeau@aol.com and our State Representative Brian Jones at representativebrianjones@gmail.com .

Thank you,

Tom Byron

Selectman, Troy, Maine