DSCF0172Troy Union Church installs new sign.

If you are driving past Troy Union Church on Routes 202/9, you might not notice something new in front of the historic building. Slow down and pull in. If you like, make a call on your cell phone after you stop.

There is a new sign, in the form of an open book, framed in wood and sturdily supported above the snow line. The left panel is a beautiful oil painting, to scale, of the church, with the banner, “Built in 1840”. The right panel is makes several inviting statements, beginning with “THE LITTLE CHURCH WITH A BIG HEART”.  The painting and lettering was done by Susan Husson,  and  Barbara Brown helped paint the sky and church. The frame was built by Greg Rossel, and installed with the help of David Brown and Rev. George Darling.

The little church is raising money to repair and restore the steeple, or belfry tower, which is leaning because the supporting trusses are rotten and sagging. In order to meet the $80,000 match required to apply for the Maine Steeples Project Restoration Grant, an additional $65,000 is needed. Without receiving that grant, the total cost of the truss and roof repair and belfry restoration is about $120,000.

Donations may be sent to Treasurer, Troy Union Church Steeple Fund, 230 Bangor Rd., Troy ME 04987. Thanks for your support of this community church.