Lillian Theo Pease Bishop was awarded the “Boston Post Cane” by the Board of Selectmen of Troy, to honor her status of the oldest resident in Troy, Maine. Lillian is 100 years young, she was born on July 18, 1912, married on July 29, 1930. She is a Mother to 7 children, 3 passed, Grandmother to 95 Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and Great Great Grandchildren.
Many pictures were taken with the cane, bringing smiles and joy to all. This took place at her 100th Birthday celebration on July 22,2012. Her one birthday wish was to be surrounded by her friends and family at this event, which of course, she was! When she was informed of her award she said she felt the secret to her long life is family, friends and good food. When handed the “Boston Post Cane”, she said, “I enjoy it — I’m not ashamed to tell my age, like some of them are. I just don’t think about it. I have good health, never sick in my day, and I work hard.”
Lillian enjoys watching the birds and hearing of family news and still maintains her sharp sense of humor. We all love her fun stories and the way she tells them.

Again, Thank you so much. With gratitude, Sadie Philbrick