Holly Irving Johnson  writes:

My favorite memory of the grange is getting to be in shows held at the grange when I was a student at Troy Central School. I recall being so impressed with the beautiful drop roll screen that I hope remains upstairs over the stage, it a had a beautiful painted nature scene. Standing up on the stage we felt like “real” actors and actresses. My sister and I still sing the song “my name is weevil I’m a spy, my name is cricket so am I” from one performance. Another favorite memory is going to halloween parties that my mom, Ruth helped organize. Held downstairs at the grange we would have a haunted house where you stuck your hand in spaghetti brains and touched grape eyeballs. Then it was on to a contest where you ate a donut suspended from the ceiling on a string without using your hands and then everyone in costume would troop upstairs to cross the wonderful stage for a costume contest. Gliddens, Pipers, Goodbloods, Neallys, Coles, Nordmans, Fergusons, Clarks, Fernalds, Bells, Irvings, Kleins, Holts, Larrivees, Cooks and more names from the past run through my mind as I recall fond memories of good times growing up in Troy. The grange plays an important part in those memories.