As some of you are aware we will not be holding town meeting at the grange this year but rather at the school.  The Grange has been losing members for many years as older members pass on and younger people do not join. The Grange is a complex organization with  ritual and history. Many question whether it has a place in today’s world. I am not going to get into that now but I will talk about the building and it’s place in the life and history of the town.
Few among us have not been to Grange suppers and eaten every variety  of baked bean , jello salad, and  tuna casserole while carrying on conversation with people you only see at these events even though they only live down the road. Before I moved here I know that there were dances at the Grange, and holiday parties. I will never forget the experience of watching Erwin Piper’s face while my husband was on stage singing an old song called “Step Stone” about leaving home but not quite leaving it behind. It is one of my cherished memories. It was at the celebration of the town’s 175th anniversary.
We need to decide what role the Grange will play in our future. Before we do that let’s share our memories of the role it has played in our lives in the past. We should not let this building that holds so many stories just waste away in neglect.
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4 thoughts on “The Seven Star Grange – Memories

  1. From Norma Rossel:

    The Seven Star Grange, is where I learned about pure democracy. We attended many town meetings.
    In 1982, Greg and I got married upstairs and then the guests ate downstairs, and then contradanced upstairs.
    I remember anticipating lunch. When one of the ladies from the kitchen, usually Thelma Vroom, came out and announced “lunch is served,” everyone stood up and moved toward the food line.

  2. My favorite memory of the grange is getting to be in shows held at the grange when I was a student at Troy Central School. I recall being so impressed with the beautiful drop roll screen that I hope remains upstairs over the stage, it a had a beautiful painted nature scene. Standing up on the stage we felt like “real” actors and actresses. My sister and I still sing the song “my name is weevil I’m a spy, my name is cricket so am I” from one performance. Another favorite memory is going to halloween parties that my mom, Ruth helped organize. Held downstairs at the grange we would have a haunted house where you stuck your hand in spaghetti brains and touched grape eyeballs. Then it was on to a contest where you ate a donut suspended from the ceiling on a string without using your hands and then everyone in costume would troop upstairs to cross the wonderful stage for a costume contest. Gliddens, Pipers, Goodbloods, Neallys, Coles, Nordmans, Fergusons, Clarks, Fernalds, Bells, Irvings, Kleins, Holts, Larrivees, Cooks and more names from the past run through my mind as I recall fond memories of good times growing up in Troy. The grange plays an important part in those memories.

  3. there is a lot of memories in that building hate to see it go down hill a lot of plays ,parties, suppers, and many many more my grandmother and mother and many more ladies in town did a lot for that hall sorry and the men to it such a shame that nothing going on in there anymore. in1981 I had my wedding recep. there..there has been a lot of people that has be through that hall .
    for one thing or another…………..Lori Raven

  4. You’re right Lorie our family spent many hours there, be it for Grange, Public suppers or family events(Our tribe was big).
    My Grandparents were life long members of the Grange, we celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary there.
    I will always hold fond memories of Gramie, the aunts, and cousins cooking, the men outside smoking pipes, and all the kids running around.


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