It is quiet in East Troy. CMP and their subcontractors have pulled out. I have mixed feelings about the new power lines. I am pretty sure this is part of a larger move to buy cheaper, less regulated, and dirtier energy from Canada which we do not need in Maine but which will bring a pretty penny in Southern New England. People in New Hampshire are trying to stop a similar line there but the difference between the projects is that the energy company in New Hampshire  has to cross land that they do not have right to already. They have a fight on their hands.

I do  have to say that watching the new poles go in was an amazing process. The swampmats, which provided cushioning and roads for the various machinery, were made locally in East Newport and are reusable. The helicopter winding its way down the cut stringing the line was unbelieveable. The whole thing was pretty entertaining. Bill and I walked the line on the swampmat road. That was a new perspective, strangely made me think of the first people walking in these hills and coming over a rise.

I am sorry for local families who now have high tension power lines and 100 foot towers right in their dooryards. It is kind of surreal to see gardens and orchards growing under the lines.

Living with electricity is going to be a bigger challenge going forward.  I for one love having abundant electricity. So how? Maine is lucky to have many rivers flowing through it to provide energy. The big dams and small have been  providers  for a long time but we have learned that the dams have their price in terms of the health of the rivers and surrounding habitats. We love our forests, animals and waters. How do we keep them and ourselves healthy and provide ourselves with  electricity ? The coal fired plants have got to go. Oil too. Natural gas scares me silly and the hideous stories of fracking have pretty much turned me off to any natural gas projects. I do not think dramatic windpower projects in the open ocean make much sense. They are costly , fraught with opportunities for accidents. I think we need less centralized more low maintenance solutions. Why isn’t the university looking for a way to take energy from the rivers without damming them up?

I have digressed here but what is the day after Christmas for? I chose my own presents so I have nothing to return and besides I like staying home another day. Merry Christmas everyone. Let me know what you would like to see here  in the New Year besides, or instead of, my ramblings.



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