The flags appeared all spring and summer. I heard about town meeting. I heard about folks reaching in their pockets. This was personal and universal all at once. Every town needs something to rally around. The flags worked and, as usual, so did Ron Cropley. All summer he climbed a ladder precariously perched on the edge of  Rt. 9 with 100,000 pound trucks roaring by beneath his feet and he put up flag after flag. It was a sight to behold.  As summer wound down and Hurricane Irene approached Ron went out again and took down all of the flags but one, the one by the Troy Store. Actually later I heard that he left two, but one did blow away in Irene. So in honor of Ron and his work, here is a shot of the last flag at dusk. Thank you Ron.

4 thoughts on “The Flags

  1. Hey! I just love that Ron Cropley, !! Don’t bother telling Jan, she already knows. The flags were just beautiful, it almost looked like a real town 🙂 (except for the traffic.) Speaking of rallying around something…..I propose a place in town where people can complain, or rave, or just discuss different topics – other than the town office, and one step further than the website.
    My own sincere thought is……”RON CROPLEY FOR MAYOR OF TROY!!!!!!” with an office in the old Post Office???????????? Think about it, this is a great idea!!!! huh?
    Marilyn Lyon

  2. Let’s elect Ron Cropley as Mayor of Troy, and give him the Old Post office as an office. Let him direct townspeople to the good places to go. Where to find things. I was thinking how Ron is always involved, he could share his knowledge on a part time basis, and lay down the local 04987 laws, You know the questions that people bring to the town office.


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