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8 thoughts on “Troy Historical Society

  1. I’ve been wanting to know about some History of my property at 154 Bangor Rd Troy where there was an ice and creamery business originally on this property. Looking for any pictures. I’ve got some interesting pipelines……………….

  2. Janet Moxcey caregiver and cousin to Eileen Gage. We are descendants of the Francis Hillman Family, and a wonderful thought occured to me, since Hillman’s no longer own the land on Ward Hill rd, that the current owner would put a bench there for the look out and a place to park as a donation to the town and history of troy, what a treasure that look out is..

  3. I wonder if the lookout Janet Moxcey mentioned is on Ward Hill Road across from our driveway and Frank Keathan’s driveway? There is a place to park in front of the droopy cable on our driveway. People are welcome to park there to enjoy the view. On a clear day it is fun to see how many mountains you can name, including Saddleback, Bigelow Range etc.
    Thanks, Norma Rossel

  4. I have ties to the Prentiss family who lived in Troy in the late 1800s/early 1900s. In going through family papers I’ve come across some wedding and birth announcements that may be tied to current Troy families. Here’s what I have.
    Wedding announcement – Eben Vose to Minnie Hillman, Troy 1901
    Invitation to 26th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Wingate, North Carmel 1897
    Birth announcement Archie Fred Knapp Jr 1917
    Birth announcement Richard Dodge Jr 1918
    Invitation to sixth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Webb, Troy 1897
    Wedding announcement Rev. Willis Luce, Unity 1902
    Invitation to 10th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Knight 1893 East Troy
    Wedding announcement Ethel Emma Pierce to Fred Herbert Bagley 1900 Troy

    Please contact me at ross.christines@yahoo.com if you are related to any of these people.
    Thank you

      • Thank you for passing along. I’m not sure I made myself clear in my original post. What I’m hoping to do is one by one pass these items back to the original families if they want them. This site seemed the perfect way for me to contact at least some if not all of the families. Thanks again

  5. Does anyone have any history of the Rutland Road? My 2nd great grandfather supposedly lived on that road near the Plymouth town line back in 1870 era according to the town clerk I communicated with a while back. We tried to traverse the road from the Plymouth end 2 years ago and couldn’t get through due to flooding. Any information about that road as far as what sets of buildings were once there, etc. would be appreciated very much.


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